Google to Assign you a Public Profile Card that will be Displayed on the Results Page?

Try Googling a well-known celebrity or an influential figure. You will most probably notice a “knowledge panel” or “profile card” on the results page top section. This panel or card contains details about the searched figure such as links to their social networking profiles, bio etc.

If rumors are to be believed, there’s a high possibility that Google may assign everyone a profile card! You will be able to customize your cards and put in information that you would like others to see about you when they look you up on Google.

AndroidPolice recently came across a couple of Google pages that mention what should be expected from the upcoming (?) profile cards. The cards wouldn’t be similar to the ones we see while searching for known figures, since we will be able to customize ours. In short, these cards will fill the void left by the now-defunct Google+.

Moreover, Google has started rolling out the cards to a limited audience in India who have their language preference set to English. The feature isn’t available on desktop yet.

Screenshot: 9to5google.

According to Google’s support pages, those who have access to the new feature can customize their card through their phones. All that is required from your end is to access Google, log-into your account and look up “Edit my search card”.

If you aren’t a fan of profile cards, here’s a good one for you… the feature is optional! Google will neither automatically create nor display cards of its users. Moreover, you can always delete it in case your card is already live and you have a change of heart.

It’s also important to note that since certain terms aren’t allowed, the content you select for your profile card will be closely examined. Also, there’s a chance that your card will not show up on the results page. In order to increase the probability of your card showing up once you are searched, Google suggests that you add as much relevant information as possible in your card.

It remains to be seen when (and if) we can expect a worldwide roll-out of this feature. For now, only Google has the answers and it has yet to issue any comment!

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