Is the Gen X enjoying the social distancing more than other generations?

“Do not raise your children the way [your] parents raised you, they were born for a different time.”

Although the above mentioned quote may not apply to everyone – but there is a significant difference in the way Baby Bloomers (1944 – 1964), Gen X (1965 – 1980), and Millennial (1991 – 1996) were raised.

And the difference is now quiet apparent during the ‘social distancing’ period we are all experiencing in (almost) all parts of the world.

Baby boomers, the eldest generation grew up in homes where one parent stayed and care for them while the other was responsible for earning bread. On the other millennial had at least one – if not two parents that were overly involved in the life of their child or children. This type of parenting is also called the ‘helicopter’ style.

Then there is Gen X – which is deemed as the ‘least parented’ generation in American history by a marketing study.

Gen X was born during the divorce boom. This means many of them grew up in homes with a single parent or even blended families. This generation also experienced both parents in the working class and due to the lack of childcare centers and after school program were forced to stay home by themselves after school until their parents returned.

Luckily, this group of individuals learns a lot through their upbringing including coping skills and the ability to negotiate in challenging social environments.

With the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus, health authorities have asked people to stay in their homes and social distance themselves from others.

This has given the Gen X a platform to ‘show off their abilities.’

Their upbringing includes managing with the snacks left in the cupboard, entertaining themselves while unsupervised, and not opening the doors to strangers. And this is what we are all struggling to achieve during the crucial times.

But Gen X – were born to do it without any effort!

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