Gen Z/Millennial Consumers Prefer Authentic, Relatable Influencers, Research Shows

It seems that these days pretty much every single marketing agency is funneling a pretty huge amount of money into the kind of influencers they can potentially end up hiring as a result of the fact that these influencers are usually able to get some pretty serious results. However, one thing that a lot of marketers don’t realize is that they can’t just hire any influencer out there, they need to be more discerning due to the reason that different influencers are going to be able to target different segments of consumer base.

The fact of the matter is that the most important market out there for any marketing agency to look into tackling is the Millennial market, with the Gen Z market becoming increasingly important year by year. Hence, looking into what kinds of influencers these markets would be interested in could help agencies out quite a bit.

According to Cassandra's research, younger consumers out there tend to prefer influencers that are relatable as well as authentic. Basically they don’t want to be made to feel like they are being sold anything, and they want to be able to follow influencers that are making the world a better place. Now, this doesn’t mean that influencers can’t be over the top or play characters, they just need to be true to themselves and to be true to their followers as well.
"Cassandra found the subject of influencer authenticity to be a recurring theme. The report reveals when deciding to follow an influencer, 89% think it's important the influencer seems like a nice person, isn't just trying to sell them something (86%) and makes their day better or improves their mood (86%). Another 85% believe it's important that the influencers they decide to follow are trying to make the world a better place and are the types of people they'd want to hang out with."
Beauty influencers are some of the most successful out there, but health and fitness influencers are starting to become a lot more prominent as well as people start to focus more and more on enjoying a lot more health than might have been the case otherwise. All in all, it seems like the coming years are going to be very exciting in terms of how the influencers of the world change and evolve.

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