As creepy as it might sound, but the future Wi-Fi might be able to detect your presence

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is gathering a lot of attention in the tech world. All the current smartphones come with the following feature along with the 5G that gives 2020 phones the perfect support. Since the increased Wi-Fi speed is all we want right now, but one must have a stable and excellent home router that can support Wi-Fi 6.

The same goes for the 5G network that requires proper infrastructure and coverage to provide excellent service to the users. Since 5G service is a lot in the news, which is why wireless networking might be used for more than fast data transmission in the future.

Currently, the IEEE is working on finding out more advantages of the 5G network that will lead to the development of Wi-Fi standard 802.11be along with its usage in the movement detection and inter-vehicle connectivity. However, the uses might be overwhelming, but still Wi-Fi is not expected to come with human detection features at least not for the next 4 years.

Detecting one’s presence through Wi-Fi is extremely overwhelming and might open doors to new innovations in the future, but it is also creepy. Although it looks extremely interesting and amazing, but it might open doors to illegal activities as well, which is why IEEE is working on improving the security of these powers. Privacy concerns are the first thing that IEEE is working on before making this advancement a reality.

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