The Latest Infographic on Important 2020 Design Trends is Quite Strange... yet Fascinating!

Shutterstock is known for predicting the yearly trends beforehand. Well, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when we say that the leading provider of stock media has already published its latest list of vital design trends that are likely to have a strong presence over the course of 2020.

Shutterstock prepares its yearly trend reports after analyzing the changing patterns in its platform’s usage. It should be noted that more than 300 million images and around 16 million pieces of video content are available on Shutterstock and how they are used (searched, downloaded etc.) makes it easy for researchers to find out what’s in-demand at a given time.

According to Lou Weiss, CMO of Shutterstock, the current data is a clear indication that users want to pursue meaning, happiness and opportunity in fresh and creative projects and that these characteristics can mirror our ever-changing climate and the year that lies ahead.

“Throwbacks” or “The Roaring 2020s” are all set to trend throughout the year. According to Shutterstock’s report, there will be an increase of 4,233% in "gold pattern", a 189% rise in "20s retro" and a 106% increase in "linear geometric" art.

“Occulture” will also play a big role on Shutterstock this year. Our childhood myths and tales will come to life when an increase of 525% will be observed in “magical” content along with a whopping 289% rise in “spiritual” posts. Posts centered on "horoscopes" and "palm reading" will also have an increased presence on the visual platform this year.

“In Full Bloom” is another major trend that is expected to flood your social media feeds this year. So, be ready to encounter pictures and videos featuring impeccable floral visuals. “Flowerscape” media will reportedly be up by more than 141% this year, with “bloom” content closely following it (136%).

There are also a number of Rising Trends that you should keep an eye out for. Such trends are unique in their own right and will easily stand out among rest of the content. “Cannabiz” is predicted to be one of such trends with an expected growth of 154% and 149% in “marijuana” and “minimal branding” content respectively.

“Minimalist Black” is also listed as a rising trend in Shutterstock’s latest report, signifying artists’ growing fondness with the color black and its different shades.

Although “Wild Life” has been a trend for quite some time now, it will have an increased presence on Shutterstock this year with more “hiking” (+533%), “camping” (+368%) and “backpack and boots” (+325%) related content.

As mentioned earlier, this year will mainly focus on “throwbacks”. Interestingly, “Chinese Ink Painting”, one of the oldest art forms will also be seen in many advertisers’ and bloggers’ work.

“Game On” is also a trend that shouldn’t be counted out. The search for sports and fitness-related content will be carried out in massive numbers this year. A whopping 1,647% increase in “sports” content and 197% increase in “running” posts will be observed this year, along with considerable increases in other relevant categories such as “cycling”, “boxing” and “swimming”.

And who can forget “Protest Art”? Such art often comes in handy at different occasions throughout the year. According to Shutterstock’s report, a 465% increase in “Inequality icon” and 70% rise in “Environmentalism” art are all set to be observed over the course of 2020.

Additionally, there are tons of local trends that natives of a particularly country will be observing over the coming months.

So, it will surely be an exciting experience for all of us to witness these trends growing in popularity as 2020 progresses. You are welcome to read Shutterstock’s full report yourself as it contains several interesting pieces of information.

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