Shady iOS Apps Might Be Able to Snoop Your Apple Device Pasteboard Data

Pasteboard (AKA clipboard) is a term used to describe the copy paste feature and where the text or data that you have copied goes before you paste it somewhere. It is essentially a temporary storage for data that you may be trying to copy, and it is obviously important for you to figure out a way to make sure that this space is secure because of the fact that failing to do so might just leave you vulnerable to all kinds of snooping and spying.

It turns out that a flaw in Apple's iOS associated with the pasteboard might just make it possible for other apps to snoop on what you are copying and pasting. Two researchers by the name of Talal Haj Bakry as well as Tommy Mysk have revealed that the famously secure Apple ecosystem might not be all that secure as all. Basically there is no protocol put in place to prevent apps from taking a peak at your copy paste data.

Normally this wouldn’t really be all that much of an issue but the fact of the matter is that a lot of the time malicious actors try to take apps hostage and use them to try and acquire other kinds of data from your phone, and if apps can access your pasteboard then this means that malicious actors might just end up trying to use it for their purposes.

While this is not exactly a major issue that might make iPhone and iPad users abandon their manufacturer of choice, it is definitely something that Apple should try to take seriously because of the fact that failing to do so might just cause other problems that the company would struggle to overcome since it relies on its security protocols to give users a sense that they are making the right decision when they purchase an Apple phone.

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