Gmail's Improved Malware Detection System will save you from Malicious Attachments

How many times have you been the victim of malicious attachments on Gmail or phishing emails? Probably, more than one time. In order to deal with them, Google is doing everything to help users stay safe from compromising their data.

A lot of times, when you download and open the attachment in the email, you basically can become a hackers target. However, Google scans all the emails that are being sent and received on its platform to look for malicious activities.

It is one of the points that you agree to when you start using the Gmail account. It helps Google to filter out all the email, sort them out and categorize them accordingly. However, it is not enough, which is why Google has now infused machine learning in its system to detect phishing and spam emails including attachments.

Google has verified that they process about 300 billion attachments each week, but the criminals and hackers are using newer technologies to pass that barrier, according to Google's security engineers, "63 percent of the malicious documents [that they] block differ from day to day." which is why machine learning and artificial intelligence are the best way to work faster than humans on such a huge volume of data.

Google said that its malware scanner has increased the detection rate and the success rate has somehow reached to about 150%. Although, the scanner is still in infancy and has huge room for growth. Google is also scanning Office documents as well now for malicious scripts.

Photo: Chesnot via Getty Images

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