Google Play puts an end to almost 600 apps for showing disruptive ads

Google recently announced the removal of around 600 apps from its Play Store for showing ads that interfere with the user’s experience. As per the company’s policy, Google does not allow any app to appear on a device when the app is not in use and may lead the user to click on them unknowingly.

The company says that such ads appear discreetly, usually when the user is making a phone call or accessing navigation. However, they have integrated a machine-learning approach that enables them to detect malicious ads from appearing without context.

An initial investigation by Google reveals that most of the ‘now-banned’ apps are developed by app makers from China, India, and Singapore. The company also says that these apps are usually directed towards English-speaking app users. In fact, reports show that Cheetah Mobile, a company based in China has over 40 apps banned from Play Store as a result of the latest scrutiny.

According to Google, the app developers have all used similar methods to avoid detection by Play Store authorities. However, the search giant is unsure whether this is a coordinated effort or not?

Google has also announced refunds to brands whose ads were impacted by disruptive pop-ups.

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