Google Is All Set To Give Tiktok A Tough Competition with Its Own 60 Sec Video Platform, Tangi

Area 120, the in-house incubator of Google, worked on a short-form video to make its way into the DIY world. The company recently launched Tangi, a short video platform that will let create how-to videos of fashion, cooking, painting, crafting, etc.

Similar short video apps like TikTok and Byte are mostly for entertainment purpose but Tangi is focused on helping people to learn.

Tangi founder, Coco Mao, said the platform will focus on DIY and creative content. The main purpose of it is to allow people to learn craft, cooking, fashion etc. according to Mao, people will be able to easily find short how-to videos about what they want to learn.

Mao was inspired to create this platform after she noticed her parents’ interest in how-to videos. Her parents were not much comfortable with smartphones still her mother learned to paint after watching several how-to videos. It is easier to learn with videos rather than from texts and images only.

It allows us to upload videos of up to one minute but the average duration of the videos is almost 45 seconds. Instead of a long step by step videos as on YouTube, Tangi gives an idea or overview of a certain thing that can be done.

It has an interesting, ‘Try It’ feature, that allows users to upload pictures of their recreations and interact with fellow community members.

Tangi also lets creators add the stories of their recipes in the comment section so people can easily follow it without any ad interruption.

Many famous bloggers like Holly Grace, Paola D Yee, Sew Wigged Out and others are using the platform already. Currently, not everyone can upload on Tangi, they first need to apply for it. The process is to ensure that creators stick to the theme of the platform, creative and DIY activities.

Viewers only can search various categories including art, cooking, DIY, beauty, and lifestyle. Videos are shown on the home page as well and viewers can scroll and find videos of their interest over there.

A heart icon is also there with every video and pressing it not only shows support to the creator but also the video is saved in the “Liked” section of the profile.

Initially, the Tangi is launched on web and iOS app store only and is available everywhere other than E.U., for now, the app is free to download and ad-free as well and cannot be monetized in any way.

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