Google Search App Now Has Dark Mode on Android Devices

The thing about Google search is that it is more or less an intrinsic part of the way we live our lives, and for the most part this means that you can use it to acquire a greater knowledge about anything you would happen to be dealing with. Dark mode is a feature that people have been requesting for ages now, and when Google rolled out its dark mode for its various apps (including YouTube, Messages and Gmail app) the results were mixed to say the least.

Some users definitely got a good experience since a single update gave them the dark mode that they were searching for and this lead to the feature becoming widely used. However, a large number of Android users faced countless problems while attempting to get the dark mode to work, and this was surprising because this is actually quite a simple update that should not have faced this many problems during the rollout process.

It turns out that users that were facing trouble with the update were going through this because they had older versions of Android, and Google had only optimized the update for people that were using Android 10 and 9 or a more current version than that one. This is obviously not fair to all Android users which is why Google has fixed this and made it so that anyone who uses Android, regardless of what version they are using, would be able to look into using the dark mode in the Google search app, all they need for now is to join beta program.

"We are happy to announce that since Feb 12th, Google app users on beta can avail of this [dark mode] feature too.", announced Mariia K a Google Employee in a community help post.

Google search team further explained how to access dark mode on Android devices by simply following these two steps:

"1. Become an Android Google App beta tester
2. In the Android Google App, go to More > Settings > General > Theme > select Dark or System Default ("Set by Battery Saver" on pre-Q Android versions)"

Finally you can use Google Search App in Dark Mode on Android Devices

This is definitely going to improve the user experience for a lot of different users, and will enable said users to acquire a much improved sleep because of the fact that their eyes would not be getting bombarded by blue light which is scientifically proven to prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep all in all.

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