Twitter tells AI Company to stop taking images from their platform

Twitter sent a letter this week to the AI Company called ‘Clearview’ and demanded that they stop taking images and other data from their website. They also asked them to delete any previously taken photos from their database.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, Clearview has taken hold of more than three billion photographs from various social media networks including Facebook and Twitter. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and more than 600 other law-enforcement agencies around the world use these images to identify suspects.

However, Twitter claims that its privacy policy has been violated and request Clearview to delete the collected data. As per the micro-blogging platform’s guideline, the information taken from their social network may not be used by the public sector for surveillance purposes.

But the New York Times states that the Clearview app includes programming that allows users to match images using augmented-reality glasses with the name and address of anyone they come across.

As of this writing, Clearview has not responded to the allegations.

The revelations set off angry protests by US senator Ron Wyden who claimed that the protocol followed by Clearview was disturbing. He also said that the users of Twitter should be made aware that their images are being used in a discreet manner.

Senator Edward J Markey also showed his disapproval by sending a letter to Clearview where he said that the company is encouraging dangerous behaviors and limiting the individuals’ ability to live anonymously.

In this regard, the European Commission is also considering the implementation of a ban on the use of facial recognition in public areas. According to Reuters, the ban would be proposed for at least five years and would give the authorities sufficient time to carry out a plan that would prevent the abuse of this technology.

Besides America, many other countries have also expressed their concerns over the use of facial-recognition technology. Particularly the Chinese are reluctant to use the form of technology in many areas. In fact, a recent survey by the Beijing research institute concluded that 74% of Chinese want to use traditional identity verification methods instead of tech-assisted.

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