Tim Cook’s Swipe at Mark Zuckerberg – ‘AR does not isolate people like other technologies’

Tim Cook was recently in Dublin to receive an award for Apple’s investment in the country. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO gave a small interview to journalists in which he ‘might’ have taken a swift at Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Apple’s CEO was asked about the future of technologies in coming 10 years by an interviewer on which Tim Cook replied that he saw augmented reality (AR) as the future and next big thing. Apple is heavily investing in AR and producing applications to help developers to develop such apps.

Cook mentioned how AR has a great chance in gaming as well in other sectors due to its great effects and close connection with the human.

Cook further mentioned that AR does not isolate people like other technologies, which might be virtual reality (VR) where Facebook investing the most at the moment.

Even though Cook did not mention it explicitly, but he might be taking a dig at Mark Zuckerberg when he referred to other technologies. Even though both these technologies are the same, but there are slight differences between them.

Facebook bought VR company Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion, which shows Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in VR.

Photo: Getty Images for RFK Human Right

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