Phishing Attacks Leave Several YouTubers Without Access to Their Own Channels

Being a YouTuber can be a very rewarding career because of the fact that it allows you to stay truly creative as well as to make money while interacting with your fans directly which is the type of thing that can help you stay grounded as well as have a much more in depth relationship with your fans. However, there are a lot of situations in which YouTubers are left in the dust since there are many potential roadblocks that could end up putting their careers in serious jeopardy.

The latest incident to occur is one that has been plaguing YouTubers since last year, and it basically has to do with phishing. Several YouTubers have reported that they were offered a sponsorship opportunity by a software company and the email they received included a link that was ostensibly meant to be used to check out the products the company provided so that the sponsorship could be legitimate in every single way. The only problem was that once the YouTuber in question clicked on this link (which apparently looks ok, but in reality the page is evilly crafted to steal the creator's information) and sign in with their Google information, the result would be that their account would get hacked with ownership of the channel going to someone else entirely.

This has happened to several YouTubers so far with MacroStyle, Dmonty Gaming as well as numerous others reporting this occurrence. These phishing attacks have made YouTubers call for better regulation of account permissions, with them suggesting that transfer of ownership shouldn’t be able to happen without a password as well as two factor authentication. What’s truly frustrating for those that are affected by this is that they are unable to get any help from YouTube either which is just one example of the many ways in which YouTube is not giving creators the kind of help and support that they deserve given the amount of work they put into the platform.

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