Google Was The Most Downloaded App In Q4 of 2019, But Facebook Stood As The Winner For The Year Throughout!

While we are pretty much familiar about how Google and Facebook have always been in the race to be the best for the internet consumers, Google has finally topped the list of Most Downloaded Apps after five years and that too by beating Facebook (well, kind of).

However, before you start overestimating Google’s victory, this has been only possible for the last quarter of 2019 in which Google scored 850 million downloads and Facebook lost the battle for the first time in a long while with 800 million downloads in that particular quarter.

The data was extracted from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower and when it comes to the overall download for the whole year 2019, Facebook again went above its rival. Google could only make 2.3 billion downloads, whereas the Zuckerberg empire still dominated throughout the year with nearly 3 billion downloads. Not to forget, the constant popularity is a bit surprising considering how Facebook had to go through so much of privacy issues.

Google Was The Most Downloaded App In Q4 of 2019, But Facebook Stood As The Winner For The Year Throughout!

Even despite winning the competition in Q4 of 2019, which was indeed great news for Google, the company can never really stand head to head with Facebook’s dominance. Mark Zuckerberg and his team owns four out of top 5 most downloaded apps in the list (including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) and Google is all alone, at least as of yet.

In the past four years, there has been very little movement in the list but these 5 apps are the only ones that competed throughout. The only another surprise in 2019 was of ByteDance’s TikTok that climbed two positions up to the runner-up spot and above Messenger and Facebook both. But then there was Whatsapp again on top.

Going beyond the top 10, Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ also stood as one of the biggest gainers in 2019. Although they entered the market in November, Disney+ still managed to grab 34% shares of the streaming market. They have also enjoyed 30 million downloads in the fourth quarter of 2019 (exactly in which Google also stood on top) and earned $50 million within just 30 days after release.

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