Facebook Introduce New Features to Benefit Content Publishers – Links to Publisher Content, Sharing, and much more

Instant Articles (IA) were first introduced by Facebook in 2015 that helped the content publishers to increase the reach of their content through Facebook’s tools. Facebook improved the speed, presentation and load times of the Instant Articles so they can reach a lot of audiences at one time. Hence, Facebook significantly improved content performance through these measures.

Currently, Facebook has announced some new features for Instant Articles so that they can increase the publisher’s interest in Facebook’s native tool. But, what was the need?

For a long time, publishers felt that it’s only Facebook that is benefiting from their content; however, they are still there where they started. It is the same reason why many publishers backed off from Facebook due to their one-sided policies.

However, by these new features, Facebook is helping news publishers to promote their content for better engagement. Facebook through IA has introduced ‘re-circulation and navigation’ features with each post.

At the article footer, Facebook has added the navigation buttons that will help the readers to share the content or direct to other content from the publisher.

You can easily save, comment and share the content through the first three features on the article footer. If you click on the ‘More from…’ button, then you will be directed to other articles by the same publisher. This will provide content boosting and branding opportunities for the publisher.

Facebook is continuously working on Instant Articles to appease the publishers by giving them new opportunities to increase the reach of their content.

Apart from these features, Facebook has also added new subscription tools to help publishers direct more traffic and increase content engagement on their articles. Also, Facebook has added streamlined options as well to ease the content process.

Although the publishers are not much encouraged by these options, but Facebook is planning a lot for Instant articles, such as the introduction of News Tab that can significantly profit the publishers.

Facebook is also working on the ad placements and CTA to Instant Articles as it has already limited the placement of publisher ads in Instant Articles so effective ads can solve this problem in the long run. The company is also working to add the IA links to Facebook stories, which will be a great decision.

A lot of things are planned, but they will take some time to appear on Facebook and profit the publishers.

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