Consumers Are Not Ready to Spend Too Much for Steaming TV

As technology is becoming advanced, ways of entertainment are also changing with time. Most people like to use streaming media because they want to save time and skip annoying advertisements, however, as most social media sites introduced ad breaks between the videos, it seems users are coming back to where they started. They are not only getting used to the idea of getting interrupted by the advertisement but they have also learned to accept a little interruption just to save money.

A recent addition in the already growing list of TV streaming websites is Apple TV+, which was launched back in November and the list is growing more. According to a recent survey, when asked the budget limit an average consumer is willing to push, most of the users said they can pay more than 20 dollars each month. The conducted survey had a sample of around 2600 individuals from the USA, out of the overall sample, 59% of the individuals agreed that they don’t want to pay more than 20 dollars. However, 75% of the respondents are willing to go beyond the 20-dollar limit but still want to stay within $30 bracket. the biggest chunk of the market is held by Netflix, which costs around 13 dollars per month making it a good option to stay within the budget and this is the reason most of the users don’t spend too much on other sites. another important thing is that Netflix now has its original content on the websites that sets the websites apart from the market, making it the best option. Shockingly, the survey also revealed that 53% of the users are willing to watch an ad during an episode if they get cheaper rates. Also, 68% of individuals said they don’t mind watching ads that are related to their interests only.

Although, there are multiple ways to maintain the budget but the best one so far recommended is the streaming cycle, where user can subscribe to Netflix for a few months and watch content there or download and eventually switch to Hulu and repeat the same, then to Amazon Prime, etc. and so on.

Photo: LPETTET / Getty Images

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