Apple's Location Tracking Bug has been fixed in the new iOS 13.3.1

Apple recently released a new iOS version 13.3.1 with the fix of many previous mobile bugs including FaceTime, Photo editing and more.

The new updates include a setting that allows users to disable the location checks previously performed by the new iPhone 11 U1 chip.

The new iPhone occasionally asked for the user's location even after being disabled for all services and apps.

As per Apple, it was because of the new U1 ultra-wideband (UWB) that needed to be switched off in certain areas under the international regulatory requirements.

iOS occasionally checked the user's location to determine whether the phone is in the restricted area or not.

However, the new iOS 13.3.1 includes a setting that allows users to disable U1 chip permanently so the phone can get rid of Occasional location checks.

Apple ran into some controversy when the security expert Brian Krebs pointed out that the new iPhones were asking location data even when users had switched off such tracking in settings.

Users are bit concern for their data as many big tech companies have rumored for using customers data without any restrictions. However, Apple claims that the location checking is only performed on the device, and no users data was saved.

To turn off the UWB, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and you will find a Networking & Wireless option.

Screenshot: iClarified

Besides U1 ultra-wideband chip fix, there are other updates as well.

The New update has Screen Time and Communication Limits as previously it allowed anyone to get round the Limits without first having to enter a passcode.

Apple has introduced support for Indian English for its virtual assistant Siri voices.

Another issue of failed push notifications is now fixed in the new iOS 13.3.1.

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