Social Media Profile and Cover Sizes Guide (infographic)

Social Media Platforms often change their Image formats and sizes and it is not easily possible to keep track of all the changes. Therefore, to make it easier, the folks at MakeAWebsiteHub created an image sizes guide to help you understand all the latest image sizes for 2020.

Along with the rise of Internet, there is a dire need to keep an online social media presence. With time there has been an increase in how the business of all sizes, celebrities, brands, basically everyone is maintaining their digital presence. For this, it is important to have images and cover graphics that rightly represent you.

The most suitable image size for all the major platforms has been mentioned below to help in social media optimization.

Facebook: The ideal cover photo size is 820 × 312, for profile use image size 180 × 180 and the shared image should be 1200 × 630.

LinkedIn: For personal profiles, the background image size should be 1584 × 396 and for the profile image, the size is 400 × 400. For brand or company pages, the background image should be 1536 × 768, the logo of 300 × 300, along with the banner image of 646 220 minimum.

YouTube: The channel cover photo needs to be of 2560 × 1440, channel profile of 800 × 800 and to maintain the quality of videos, the dimensions should be 1280 × 720.

Twitter: The header photo for Twitter should have a size of 1500 × 500 and profile photo should preferably be 400 × 400.

Instagram: As it does not have any header photo, but the profile image should ideally be 110 × 110, photos to be posted should be 1080 × 1080 and their thumbnail would appear 161 × 161. The image size for Instagram Stories is 1080 × 1920.

Along with the image sizes, additional information tips and insights have been included in the graphic, which can be downloaded from here.

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