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If you take a look at 2019, it was the breakthrough year for design in the digital space. So many trends took over the digital markets which including simple shapes and minimalism, custom 3D visuals and also isometric designs as well. There are so many emerging trends to look out for in 2020. If you take a look at the changing design trends of 2019, you’ll see some of the visual trends are expected stay at least for another year and even though 2020 will be the year of its own shifts but if you are looking to offer fresh and appealing content then you should know about the latest design trends. Recently, the team of Bannersnack surveyed a vast range of designers and experts to have some insight into the trending designs of 2019 and where things are headed now. The digital age is evolving every passing day and the new trends of 2020 display a sense of limitless possibilities into the new decade.

The team of Bannersnack analyzed and displayed big design trends of 2020 through the collection of responses it received via the survey and if you are looking for some emerging designs to maximize your performance then you should definitely keep an eye on the following trends.

1. Color Gradients

In branding and illustration, color grading is considered as the center point of attraction in design. The dark color combinations can make it difficult for the viewers to view or read the content and too much light color combination can also do the same. The accurate color combination means some light color texts mixed with a dark background or a light-colored background with dark context can help make the content and the background both visible to the viewers without any sort of difficulty ever.

You can try the following trending combinations in Color Grading:
  • #bad4e3 and #f9d9e1
  • #07a3b2 and #d9ecc7
  • #cda7cf and #ed765e

2. Bold Typography

To modernize the designs various brands are using sans-serif fonts. In any sort of branding, the size and font style of texts plays a very major role. Too large-sized content or even too small-sized content can be difficult for users to read and understand and if a user finds something too difficult to read or view instead they’ll prefer to ignore it. So, If you want your audiences to read your content without having any difficulty then try out the following font styles for your content.
  • Poppins bold
  • Roboto Ultra-bold
  • Barlow Extra-bold

3. Mixed Media

If you want to communicate with the viewers visually, the diverse way to deliver your message is by combining different types of graphic formats including static typography and 3D elements. If you want to engage with the majority of the viewers then the diversity in the representation of your content can help deliver your message.

Mixed media is mostly used in:
  • Advertisements
  • Music videos
  • Product photography

4. Short Videos

To interactively deliver a message to diverse viewers - logos, graphics, and illustrators are being animated in short videos in order to leave a unique impression. The digital media is evolving every day and along with that the interests and demand of viewers are also changing. So, to move along with the change you need to upgrade yourself to use a variety of animations including logos and another type of graphics to deliver your content to the right audience.

Short videos are mostly popular for:
  • Brand awareness
  • Tutorials
  • Product/feature releases
Read more trends in below infographic:

These are the 10 BIGGEST graphic design trends 2020

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