Is Google really using Android users’ phones to send messages without their consent?

Recently, there’s an outrage going on around regarding concerns of few Android users who have been experiencing Google sending messages from their phones without notifying them.

It can be pretty confusing and risky too to not know about a text message you sent from your phone. According to a Support thread, Google is sending a text message from its users’ phones and sending it back to itself without even letting its users know about the situation.

When this thread reached Google’s support forums and highlighted the concerns of the Android users Google tried to explain it by stating that the text message itself clearly states that it is only sending message to Google to verify the number of the device but majority of the people are still worried about the surrounding situation as it seems pretty much blurry for now.

When Google re-verify the number, users will usually get a text message from Google or see some outgoing texts to Google which can display content like ‘Google is verifying the phone number of this device’.

We are not sure the reason behind Google sending these texts, again and again, to verify numbers as usually when a user sets up a Google Account they can easily let Google know about its phone number and Google will verify the number on the spot to confirm the users' identity.

We think that may be due to some security reasons Google is re-verifying the phone numbers from time to time to make sure that the user still has that number or not.

It is pretty much disturbing to know that if Google can easily send text messages from your device without consent then what other things it can do too.

Well, the majority of the users are concerned about their privacy with this issue, is due to the fact the messages look a lot like spam and not like usual messages sent to Google. Random code, suspicious timing of the messages and shortened link all are making these messages look a lot like spam.

If you take a look at the messages sent from the affected phone numbers you’ll see the messages being sent to complete random numbers and often sent during the hours when the user was most likely sleeping.

So far, if you take a look at the reports of this type of incidents it's commonly occurring in India, some of the reports include US users and some European country users as well.

For now, this sending of messages from phones is not happening to all the users but it still seems like spreading around with time.

Well, overall review of this detailed issue is that Google definitely isn’t trying to spam your phones but instead it is just trying to secure your device more by re-verifying it but we are still not sure about the reason behind Google doing all this as there’s no official statement released from the tech giant yet regarding this situation.

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