Send E-mails as Attachments – More Simple and Time Saving Update by Gmail

Long gone are the days, when people had to download the email and sent them as an attachment. Recently, GSuite introduced a new feature that will make the life of frequent Gmail users easier.

Google integrates the feature of sending emails as attachments into the desktop version of Gmail. Even though downloading and sending messages is easy, but it still requires extra effort. Sometimes, it’s more apt to just send multiple emails as attachments.

Gmail UI greatly supports bulk transfers and no limit has been set to how many emails can be sent in an attachment.

The web Gmail supports a drag-and-drop option that allows easy selection of multiple emails. Apart from it, a new option ‘Forward as attachment’ has also been added to Gmail (that appears in right click menu).

The emails will be sent as .eml files, i.e. they will open in new tabs on click by the recipient. Google might not release this entire feature this year, but we can expect something good for next year.

The update is available for all G Suite users right now. Many basic Gmail users may have seen “Forward as attachment” option, however, this feature is rolling out gradually and may reach to all users within few weeks.

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