How to Plan a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign in 2020 [Sponsored]

The holidays are coming and no matter where you are or what business you operate, the fact remains that the holidays are a season of frenzy for both clients and businesses alike. The question is, are you ready for the holidays? Have you already come up with out-of-the-box holiday marketing strategies to boost the leads and edge out your competitors? Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce business, we’re going to share these marketing tactics to help guide you in ending your 2019 on a high note.

I have found some best practices to follow that can help you make the best out of the holiday season, and make your holiday marketing campaigns a hit.

Check out the next tips for effective marketing promo campaign:

1. Analyze Your Last Campaigns.

It’s fine if last year’s sales number is not that great. It is normal. Every business faces ups and downs. But it’s important to learn from the past and to start making new plans.

2. Decorate Your Website.

This holiday season, create eye-catching and soothing landing pages. The landing pages are the first thing that can easily attract new or current clients towards your website. Design holiday-themed landing pages for each festive day whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

3. Pick Your Discount Campaigns.

Successful holiday marketing campaigns usually include discounts. Through coupons and discounts, you can directly increase your sales. Also, if you have a regular set of clients active only during the festive period, you can retain them by analyzing their behavior and favor.

4. Sell a Solution.

First things first! You must focus on selling a solution, not a product. Selling a solution is one of the best promotional ideas for businesses.

5. Host Contests and Giveaways.

You can host some festive contests and giveaways during the holiday season. For instance, come up with a Thanksgiving contest idea where your clients can take part by creating user-generated content.

6. Bundle Offers.

One of the best holiday marketing ideas is to sell multiple products as bundle offers. By creating a combination of three to five products, you can provide the whole package to clients at a discount.

7. Creating a Sense of Urgency.

Most of the time, people are uncertain. Take a profit of that and create a sense of urgency for them by using a timer to your holiday promotions.

8. Email Marketing.

An effective email holiday marketing campaign can do wonders. It is one of the best holiday marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. Start pushing your promotional emails two weeks before Halloween but do not flood the inbox of your clients.

9. Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Using social media to boost e-commerce sales during the holiday season is one of the most powerful holiday marketing ideas.

10. Market your brand.

During the holiday seasons, it’s also essential for your company to promote its brand. When you focus on sharing not only your products but also your brand, it can leave a lasting impression on your clients.

How to prepare materials for Holidays marketing Campaigns?
To help you manage your Holidays campaigns, I choose The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle. To put it briefly, the bundle I’m talking about can be used by users of any skill levels. You don’t need to be a successful website owner or a skilled web designer to use this holiday product.

Still, in case you are, the way this bundle works may shock you. The items are code-free.

Plus, they are creator-friendly. Thanks to such pre-packed features as drag-and-drop editing and live preview.

So, in case you are looking for a product to run your holiday marketing campaign without trouble, don’t stop reading.

This multi-purpose marketing pack includes everything you need to create a soft, clean, and ultra-sleek design to launch your promo campaign.

The bundle includes lots of templates to choose from, including a chic list of posters, flyers, banners, documents, fonts, and other unique web design products. The pack is built for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who might not have the design chops to create a sleek, thorough kit on their own.

Users can easily customize the template by switching up fonts, colors, photos, and logos to best reflect their brand’s image.

Main features:
  • Fully editable & customizable
  • Sorted by Holiday
  • Well-organized PSD files
  • Responsive one-page templates
  • Well documented.
Let’s check what you will get in the Bundle:

9 Fonts
Besides warm sentiment, heartfelt feelings and good tidings, your holiday messages need one other element: great fonts. Holiday fonts typically are highly decorative, with oversized swoops and swirls, but they still have to be legible. You will get nine of the best holiday fonts that will dress up your holiday marketing campaigns no matter what the message is inside.

7 Animated Banners
Banners are one of the most important resources available to online advertisers. Even if you take into account what is known as banner blindness, which states that most users actually ignore information in a banner format, the truth is that there are countless examples of creative promotional materials, which show that they keep on to exert a huge influence. And with these animated banners, included in this bundle, you will be among those successful examples.

10 Icons
This bundle includes a wealth of holiday-themed icons and vectors that will help you spread some cheer online or give your site a cool seasonal makeover.

15 Landing Page Templates
With a single landing page, you can capture leads, get more subscribers on social networks and, of course, sell online. If you have not one but several landing pages for different holiday marketing campaigns, their usefulness in driving your business to success grows manifold.

20 Illustrations
You will find special promotional materials for business. They are fully customizable and responsive, so it looks perfect on any device with any screen size.

8 Social Media Banners
All the templates that you find in the list below are of the highest quality, as well as easy and swift to use. With little time and energy, you can now create an enticing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter posts that will make people stop scrolling.

6 Mockups
Choosing a mockup for making any creative design is a wise decision to take. It is useful for representing the structure of information, visualizing the content and statically demonstrating the fundamental functionalities. With a well-designed mockup, you can provide a realistic impression of how your product would look. You will get the mockups for any creative ads campaign to add a full touch of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, and more to their work presentations.

15 Newsletter Templates
Creating an eye-catching, beautiful email banner design is key to capturing subscribers’ attention (and getting clicks). Need a little inspiration for your next newsletter? This bundle includes it.

20 Logos
Each logo has a unique identity in terms of shape, font, color, image, text, and texture. No two logo designs can be found to be the same in a similar market.

25 Flyers and Brochures
Flyers are one of the oldest, most foolproof promo materials. We’re used to receiving flyers everywhere: in our mailboxes, on the street, in stores and restaurants. And it’s still effective. Get the word out there about your business with an eye-catching business flyer.

More Inspiration for your marketing campaigns

Let’s kick things off by looking at where you can get holiday marketing campaign great inspiration from.

Use seasonal imagery and other marketing and promotional materials to match your audience's mood:

Add creativity to the email content:

Make your visuals emotionally-charged:

Sometimes the best way to resonate with your clients is by showing you care about the things they love most:

HotelTonight understands your family drama. During the holidays, time with family is inevitable -- whether you like it or not. But they have a plan to help, by making it easy for holiday travelers to visit family without staying with them.

Social media covers:

Samsung presented multiple products in one single photo in a beautifully designed box that you can easily gift to your loved ones.

I thought that would be worth complimenting Costa Coffee one more time just for being active with their Christmas campaign on Instagram:

Here is a nice example of the gift guide. A productive guide—one that will generate leads, bring in clients, and increase individual sale totals—takes into account strategic marketing tactics.

Provide inspiration for the gifts:

Help to create great gifts for your clients:

So now you’re ready to face all holiday season in 2020!

At last, I would like to share a holiday marketing slogan:

“If you don’t believe, you won’t achieve.”

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