Even your Bachelor’s Degree can’t compete with the latest trend of jobs towards Artificial Intelligence

According to a report, workers with a Bachelor’s degree are nowadays losing jobs 5 times more to artificial intelligence (AI) as compared to the past. This new report was revealed by Brookings Institution and has stated that blue-collar jobs like fast food preparation or jobs including machine operations will be more affected by the upcoming technology involving AI as compared to others. The highly-educated and high paying jobs are expected to be affected the most due to artificial intelligence according to the stats revealed by the report. Candidate from Stanford University named Michael Web was the one who analyzed more than 16,000 AI patents and more than 800 job descriptions to analyze the effects of AI to various jobs. The reason behind the AI taking out more jobs is due to the fact that AI technology is taking over jobs that include planning, reasoning, problem-solving and predicting outcomes.

According to the study revealed by Brookings, the following are the high-paying jobs that are expected to be affected due to exposure to AI.

· Gas plant operators

· Administrative law judges, adjudicators, and hearing officers

· Political scientists

· Nuclear technicians

· Chemical engineers

· Physicists

· Occupational therapists

If you look at the detailed insight on the above-mentioned job profiles you’ll see that they have a median yearly salary of around $100,000 which means that if you take a look at the median salary of a chemical engineer it is around $104,910 per year whereas nuclear technician earns a median salary of $79,149 per year. This clearly reveals that AI is expected to impact high-paying jobs and workers with higher educational degrees more as compared to others.

Can your Bachelor’s Degree compete with the latest trend of AI jobs?

What steps should a person take to secure a job from AI?

According to Anima Anandkumar, to reduce the effects of exposure to AI in jobs a worker should ask themselves the following questions:

· Is my job more tiresome than usual?

· Does my job include any valuable information that could be used to train an AI system?

· Is there any specific objective that could replace my job?

Anima says that workers should always develop skills for jobs that also include creativity, uniqueness and also require human interaction.

Bottom Line

AI is taking over majority of the jobs and the involvement of AI at tasks including judgment and optimization is good so if a higher-skilled worker is optimizing ads as an online marketer or radiologist translating medical scans can take a long time to be good at them but if you train a specific algorithm accordingly it can display more efficient results as compared to humans. So, yes AI is taking over the majority of the jobs and to secure your position you better start learning some new skills that cannot be replaced by AI.

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