Google Podcasts users will now be seeing episode recommendations Based on past listening habits

People nowadays prefer going through various digital apps to watch and listen to content as compared to earlier days.

Google is a tech giant that offers a variety of products to its users so that they find the majority of the services all gathered within one place.

Google Podcasts is an app aimed to help Android users find a variety of podcast creators within a single app.

When you compare Google podcasts with the competitors, you’ll see that it is lacking some fair amount of features that other apps are offering but there’s good news for podcast lovers as a new personalized episode recommendations is being added in Google Podcasts.

Google with this new update is trying to engage a variety of new users so that they can spend more time listening to podcast content within the app as compared to the past version where they have to search for some podcast content themselves.

For users of Google Podcasts, this option of the recommended tab can be seen from the home screen to the right of the download section.

According to Android Police, Users of Google Podcasts will be displayed an automatically populated list of podcast episodes recommended by Google prediction based on the past listening habits of the users.

If you take a look at the podcast recommendations you’ll see that it is focusing on displaying individual episodes to users instead of entire podcast feed means that Google recommendations will be divided into various levels according to the listening history of its podcasts users.

We are still not sure if these new recommendations are as helpful as they seem as there’s not much response yet from the users about this new feature.

One major positive fact about this hyper-specific recommended tab is that you don’t need to subscribe or navigate in the main feed of the podcast to see the sample of suggested episodes.

We are not sure about the variety of users this new update is made available to as this new feature appears to be seen on unpredictable server-side rollouts and isn’t showing up on the latest version of Google Podcasts.

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