Now with the new update, U.S. Android users can have the next-generation messaging protocol in their smartphones

According to Sanaz Ahari, Sr. Director of Product & Design Google, Android users can now enjoy the RCS messaging system on their smartphones.

Despite the new RCS upgrade, users will still need to use Android messages to use all the new features.

Rich Communication Services also known as RCS is an SMS protocol that can upgrade the standard format of text messaging for users which will include some new features like payment methods, file and high-resolution media sharing features, video calls, location sharing options and many more will be available to the default messaging app after this new RCS upgrade.

Apple’s iMessage with WiFi chatting is a high-quality feature where the iOS users can share high-resolution pictures and videos, have typing notifications, read receipts and group chats as well.

RCS is a parallel version to the Apple’s iMessage made for Android users where users can have almost majority of the similar features but currently it is lagging behind to have end-to-end encryption like of iMessage so the conversations, through RCS protocol are more secured than traditional SMS format but not like that of iMessage, while Apple isn’t in any sort of rush to support RCS protocol.

We all have seen years of delays in this next-generation texting format and during that phase, only limited rollouts were made available to the Android users but not anymore.

Now, this game changing protocol is finally going to be available to all the Android users in the US according to the confirmation from the Android Messages product manager.

As revealed by Sanaz Ahari,, this RCS rollout will be made available to all the Android users in the U.S. on December 9th or a few weeks earlier than the end-of-2019.

Are you still seeing the old format of text messages in your Android device? Well, better make sure that the Messages app in your device and your Carrier services are up to date.

RCS is no doubt a next-generation product but it still a long way from being universal. According to Google, this new rollout is available to all the Android users in the U.S. along with users in France, Mexico, and the UK. The tech giant is attempting on various strategies to make this new update available to more regions and third-party apps.

Every person wants their conversations to be more private, fun and secure so these types of protocols will always be the need of every user whether Android or iOS.

The finished rollout in the U.S. is no doubt a major step towards a better future but its only step among so many.

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