A Single Message can wipe Out Whatsapp Group Chats and Crash the App

As the title speaks, a single message can erase all the group chat and crash WhatsApp – a bug that can be a powerful weapon for bad actors.

Check Point researchers came out with the news of this disastrous bug that could lead to cause a lot of damage than expected. In this bug, the user sends a destructive message to the group chat that leads to WhatsApp crashing and losing all the group chat.

The bug is so strong that the user will have to reinstall the app once again. Even after reinstalling, the user will not be able to access the group chat or read any previous information.

After Check Point’s research, WhatsApp issued a fix, still Check Point recommended all users to update WhatsApp to the latest version. Although hackers have not exploited this bug, still Check Point released a video (featured below) to show how they can do it through Web WhatsApp.

With millions of people on WhatsApp, this bug can cause huge damage. WhatsApp released the 2.19.58 version to counter the bug, therefore, everyone is recommended to update the app instantly.

WhatsApp is extremely thankful to the security community for helping them continuously. WhatsApp is taking adequate actions to get rid of the bug immediately.

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