Users are Questioning Apple after the Company Silently Removes the Ratings and Reviews Section from its Store!

A little over a week ago, Apple allegedly removed the Ratings and Reviews section from the Apple Store. According to AppleInsider, although the exact time of the section’s removal isn’t known, it happened between the evening of November 16 and morning of November 17.

Apple hasn’t issued any statement in this regard yet and whether this change is temporary or permanent isn’t known at this point.

It’s safe to say that Apple users won’t have positive things to say once they realize that they can’t access the Ratings and Reviews section while reading about an app in the Apple Store. This move can lead to many questioning Apple for its lack of transparency since the products in the store are Apple’s own.

It’s common for reviews to be both positive and negative. Moreover, removal of the whole section can make many users think that Apple has done it deliberately to hide the negative feedback towards a number of its products.

Screenshot of Apple Pencil page with Ratings & Reviews tab

Interestingly, some users are supportive of this change as they believe that the need for reviews is long gone. Additionally, reviews are known for being biased or inaccurate most of the times. Still, it can’t be argued that user reviews add to a product’s legitimacy, even if they are not positive.

Another assumption regarding this scenario is that it has been caused due to a bug or security flaw. If that’s the case however, the section should be reinstated sooner rather than later.

As mentioned above, Apple has yet to issue any comment on the ongoing fiasco. Stay tuned to be the first one to find out once the Tech Giant responds.

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