Page Speed Report in Search Console: Google gives out the long-awaited update to the webmasters

Google has finally tested the page speed report that started back in May. After so much hype, this report was highly anticipated by the webmaster to check how they can improve their website speed.

Google’s new page report highlights data from Chrome User Experience Report from where the URLs are automatically grouped together as “fast”, “moderate”, and “slow”. The pages are grouped in these categories if they meet certain criteria.

Not only this, but Google also identifies the issues that slow down the pages along with grouping the web pages together with similar issues. If you click on the identified issues, you will be directed to Google’s Page Speed Insight tool from where you will get all the information about solving the issue.

If your pages are categorized as slow or moderate then you can learn more through this tool to improve the performance of your website. You can use these reports to monitor your page’s performance and improve it through proper website fixes. This Google report will be available to all the users, as per Google has reported.

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