More the Streaming Charges, More the Piracy; Confirms a Study

How many of us have been using our friends or friends of friends’ Netflix account just to watch a movie? Some of us have even got a combined Netflix subscription so that nobody has to pay a lot of dollars at the end of the month. However, this is not a permanent solution to the increasing rates of streaming services.

According to the new study, the chances of piracy to increase are more when streaming services provide streaming content at a high price point. The study included 1,500 consumers, which helped in conducting the data. The findings showed that 18% of the respondents often tried to get the pirated content through BitTorrent or other illegal platforms.

Exclusive content across streaming services are becoming quite common, which is the very reason that the ratio might jump to 37% (from 18%). Among the respondents, 67% of users raised their concern that they are already paying a lot for their TV services, whereas, 48% suggested that increased streaming prices are their major concerns.

People are already paying a lot from their pockets for TV streaming where half of the channels are pretty useless for them. Also, the sudden rate hikes and extremely poor customer service further draws the customers aback from getting TV streaming.

Broadcasters are energetically involved in coming with their own streaming platform with exclusives on them, users are forced to look for pirated options instead of paying for a month to watch a movie!

Even though the exclusives are used to lure the customers in by as per the Deloitte study, 47% of US consumers run away from subscription with 56% quickly changing their licensing deals.

For instance, you can get a month-free subscription on Netflix, 7-days free subscription on Amazon and much more. The factor of canceling the subscription anytime can lead the customers back to the pirated options.

Due to high rates, BitTorrent has also seen a subtle hike in its use in recent years. Cam Cullen said that consumers use one or two subscription platforms and pirate the rest of the content.

Piracy is not a god alternative and gives direct competition to streaming services. If the subscription rates keep on increasing then piracy is likely to hit new numbers!

Streaming competitors need to limit booming the market with new and expensive options for consumers and should move to an affordable option.

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