A Timeline of Social Media (infographic)

It’s fair to say that most of us would simply not be able to imagine the modern world without social media, and this is because of the fact that there are so many different ways in which social media has changed the way we interact with one another. However, social media is a pretty recent phenomenon, and just ten years ago it was not nearly as widely used as it is today, nor did it have quite as much of an impact on the world around us as it currently does.

Not too long ago, social media was basically just a distraction from the real world, but over the course of the past couple of decades it has turned into something far more important. For a lot of people, social networks are their sole source of news. It is also the main way for a lot of people to interact with one another, and it has certainly made forming relationships with people from around the world a lot easier than it would have been before.

It’s shocking to think that there are actual adults who are over eighteen who have been raised on a diet of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all of the other forms of social networking that have been making waves as of late. Understanding the history of social media is important because of the fact that it will allow us to get a better grasp on how social media platforms and apps became as widespread as they are today, and how they managed to become important enough to have such a huge impact on the way we live our day to day lives. Here is an infographic from PostBeyond to help you better understand the history of social media.

The History of Social Media [Infographic]

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