Page Admins on LinkedIn Get Three New Features

A lot of different companies use LinkedIn in an attempt to secure a more synergistic environment for the people that they employ. LinkedIn now offers the admins of company pages three new features that they can use to try to improve the experience for any employee that might be looking into the various things that the page is uploading at any given point in time.

The first new feature is an employee notification feature. This will basically notify all employees whenever a company has posted something important, thereby ensuring that if there is something that all employees need to take a look at they will be able to look into it without there being any chance of them missing what the post actually was.

The second new feature coming in is called the kudos or team moment picture. The main purpose of this feature is to help companies congratulate their employees with a kudos whenever they do something that is worth praising, thereby giving employees a little more of an incentive to do their best. Team moments will help record big achievements that a team makes, something that will certainly encourage quite a bit of participation between all the members of the team in question.

A completion meter rounds off the three features that are coming to LinkedIn. This completion meter basically creates some kind of record of how much work has been done on a specific project, and whenever an employee sees how much work has been completed this would only motivate them to do a lot more. It would also give managers a good understanding of how much work a team has done and how much remains, allowing them to manage the teams accordingly thereby improving efficiency in this regard by quite a large margin.

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