Facebook Portal Now Facilitates Workplace Calls

Facebook’s domain has been restricted to smartphones and computers for quite some time now, but in an attempt to expand the range of devices that it is used on as well as the features that it manages to offer people the social media platform has launched Portal. Portal is Facebook’s first foray into hardware, and it basically offers two sizes of tablet computers that facilitate video calling through the Messenger app, video calling that is optimized through motion tracking and the like.

The response to Portal has been rather mixed, with some criticizing potential privacy issues that could end up occurring. It seems like privacy issues more or less come with the territory as far as Facebook is concerned, with the platform moving ahead with Portal regardless of these concerns.

Facebook is now incorporating Workplace into the mix, expanding Portal’s potential usage by enabling Workplace video calls to take place. These video calls are going to help facilitate a much more efficient working environment for a wide variety of people, and will be a response to criticism that the devices have been facing regarding whether or not they are even necessary for the average consumer all in all.

The motion tracking pan and zoom feature that Portal devices offer are going to be particularly useful when it comes to conference calls. Multiple users will be able to utilize the interface to get their voices heard, and overall this does seem like a step forward to the brand even though privacy issues are still going to prevent it from becoming as popular as Facebook would ideally like it to be.

Workplace is getting a number of updates as well, including several that will allow for the “gamification” of work such as creating goals that members can meet as well as notifications that can be used as memos to spread info to various employees.

Photo: FB / WorkPlace

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