New Report Indicates Robocalls Still on the Rise

One of the most annoying things that anyone can go through has to do with receiving calls that are not from people but are instead from automated calling services that are designed to give you and advertisement of some kind over the phone. While you may think that this is a more or less legitimate way to market even though it can be a little irritating, the fact of the matter is that robo calls are often used to spread scams and spam, and they can be used to make such dangerous elements spread far wider than they would have been able to had such automated services not been available to the people that are currently using them.

The Federal Communications Commission in America has taken steps to try and make sure that robo calls would start to become less of an issue than they currently are including placing restrictions on who is able to use this technology and levying fines on entities that were found to abuse the robo calling feature to automatically dial as many numbers as possible and potentially get people involved in something that is not entirely above board. However, according to Transaction Network Services report, it seems like these restrictions have not really had the desired impact and that people are still getting a ridiculous number of robocalls day in and day out.

The FCC’s attempts to reduce the number of robocalls and telemarketing has been so ineffectual that almost one out of every three calls in the US were performed by an automated dialing service or software, this results in 200 million unwanted robocalls per day. These nuisance calls are actually on the rise, which means that the people in charge need to start taking greater steps to prevent them from being such a huge issue.

Take a look at this infographic for more insights:

How Robocalls are Affecting Consumers in 2019 - infographic

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Featured photo: Charles Taylor / Getty Images / iStockphoto
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