Survey reveals majority of the Netflix subscribers are the loyal customers

According to a recent analysis, Netflix users won’t be leaving the platform for any other streaming service such as Apple or Disney. Netflix is one of the largest platforms that offer a variety of services to its users to watch from a huge range of movies and seasons for a great weekend getaway. We all want to have access to the latest and oldest collection of movies and seasons to watch whenever we want to. Now you can’t have a diverse collection of movies saved in your smartphones or laptops so that’s where Netflix comes to the rescue. Hundreds of movies and seasons are available on the platform with multiple language subtitles according to the requirements of the users.

Netflix was concerned about the slow subscriber growth of the platform over the past three months and this lack of growth will result in the fear of losing investors due to new competitions from both technology and other media platforms.

According to Piper Jaffray, Netflix is pretty much going to have very positive feedback from its users and the results of the survey done in September also agreed with Piper’s optimistic forecast for Netflix stock as the risks from competitors were overblown.

Results from Survey

According to the survey, more than 75% of Netflix subscribers do not intent to subscribe to either Disney+ or Apple TV+ at all. Along with those who won’t be switching from Netflix, the other subscribers who wish to use any of the media giants also expect to maintain their Netflix subscription with it too.

Within the next few weeks, Disney and Apple are expected to launch their new video streaming platforms and even with the launch of these new competitors, around 1500 subscribers of Netflix found that they don’t plan to leave Netflix for any other competitor platform like Disney+ and Apple TV+. The majority of the existing subscribers of Netflix prefer more towards streaming video subscriptions as compared to spending money on traditional TV offerings.

Multiple Wall Street analysts alarmed the subscribers of Netflix’ about the rising costs of the platform and reduction in its value in the market share which resulted in the drop of Netflix stock to nearly 30% and it even erased its 2019 gains amid the optimistic forecasts for Netflix. Along with loss in its stock, Netflix is also facing risks due to its rising content licensing costs and eroding pricing power but according to Piper Jaffray, the threats are now being priced into the stock.

Netflix is a platform that brings so much variety of content to its subscribers in one place and we think for users like us who prefer watching the majority of the content on the same platform are not going anywhere else at all.

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