Instagram Launches a New IGTV Update, Now Categorize Your Content in Series

Most of us have probably seen the IGTV on Instagram, but the thing here to note is if it is of any use to regular users? From my perspective, most influential users, bloggers, and other post content on their IGTV, however, regular users only prefer Instagram stories. So, the question here is if it is a success?

Just recently, Instagram launched a new update of IGTV. Now, the users can categorize their content through the newly introduced ‘series option’. The reason behind this new update is to boost the exposure for IGTV content.

This new option will enable the creators to brand their content easily and increase the views on their videos. From what can be seen, Instagram looks inspired by the Snapchat’s Original content, which is a huge success right now. In these videos, Snapchat allows users to post episodic videos, making people connect themselves with the content.

Currently, the viewers on this content reach to around 10 million on Snapchat, which is impressive. Snapchat is truly innovative when it comes to improving its platform.

On the other hand, the new series option by Instagram, although, seems like a way to guide users to specific content, however, it seems like giving competition to Snapchat.

The use of IGTV is not much witnessed since its release and there is no specific data to show that it might take off in the future, but Instagram is trying hard to improve IGTV to give tough competition to other tech giants.

It is yet to see if this feature will be of any help in the future!

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