Apple requests iPhone users to upgrade device or software ahead of a potential malfunction

Apple has issued an official warning for the users who are using the old version of iOS to update their devices or software before November 3. According to the makers of iPhone, the former versions of the software will begin to malfunction on the given date in regards to GPS location, time, and date.

Of course, this will not be a problem for most iPhone and iPad users. However, those who are using iPhone 5 or earlier versions and iPad 4th Gen or earlier (for navigation pruposes) should make sure to upgrade their devices in order to avoid the upcoming glitch. As per the company, the users of iPhone 5 and iPad 4th Gen should have at least iOS 10.3.4, while older devices should be updated to the version 9.3.6.

The upcoming Apple bug is said to be a GPS Rollover bug, which has the ability to prevent devices from being able to maintain their accurate GPS positioning. Additionally, the functions that rely on the correct date and time, such as synchronizing with emails and iCloud may cause errors.

Apple warns the users that they have just before midnight November 3 to update their software. Those who miss the deadline will not be able to receive software updates via Wi-Fi and will have to update their devices through computers that have iTunes installed.

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