AppsFlyer Reported Google as the Number One Driver for App Installs in 1H 2019

We all know how annoying ads can be at times, but then it is one of the major ways to target the market. AppsFlyer is a mobile media sources analyzer that recently released the ninth edition of its Performance Index. According to the report by AppsFlyer, around 23 billion applications were installed during January to June 2019. On the other hand, 45 billion applications opened during this time period across 15,000 mobile apps.

We understand how Facebook ads appear during every video and we are obliged to watch them forcefully. However, the reports suggested that not Facebook but Google has been the number one app to drive people to install applications.

The report, however, showed Facebook on top in their overall power ranking chart with Google in second. Facebook also stood on top of the gaming, non-gaming and shopping charts with Google in the second position.

AppsFlyer has also reported the increasing hype of TikTok, a video hosting app, during the first half of 2019. TikTok took the top position on the global growth chart report, whereas, Twitter and Pinterest took the ninth and tenth positions. The growth of TikTok is quite clear from how they monetize from their app.

Report on Snapchat suggested that it drove 62% more installs in the first half, whereas, Pinterest showed a 190% jump in the number of apps that run adds on Pinterest.

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