Unlinking Instagram-Facebook Account Feature Is Not as Effective as Most of the Users Think

After Facebook bought Instagram, most users noticed that their Facebook accounts were automatically linked to their Instagram account. Identical to their Facebook friends, Instagram was suggesting their friends profile as “people you may know” option. Most users did not welcome this change and so Facebook took notice of this issue and came up with a simple solution, the “unlink account” option. On clicking the unlink account option, the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the same users will no longer be connected, however, recent updates have revealed that just like thousand other lies that Facebook has been keeping from us, this is just another hoax.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, even if the user disconnects the Facebook and Instagram accounts by unlink account option, both accounts are still intrinsically connected. Since Facebook and Instagram are basically the same company now, they share the same infrastructure, same system, same technology, and the same design so, the company has linked them in a way that both Facebook and Instagram automatically connect the information on both platforms. This simply means that even though, the user unlinks both accounts, the flow of information remains the same because both companies have automatically connected the accounts.

According to the Wired, this practice started in 2012, shortly after the company acquired Instagram. Apart from this practice, Facebook has also been using information from both accounts to design a way to provide more precise recommendations. According to the interests that people show on Instagram, Facebook tracks the data to suggest the users to join group matching their interests and likings.

Experts say that this connection is a part of the insecurity that Facebook felt after, authorities decided to break Facebook up from its other counter partners including Instagram and WhatsApp, as a result of its data breach scandal. Facebook, has now linked all the companies in a way that they are co-dependent on each other for acquiring data which simply means that it is hard for authorities to break them up. It seems that Facebook has been constantly struggling with the scandals and now they have come up with a strategy to combat. However, only the time will tell, if the given scenario will work in favor of Facebook.

Photo: Photothek via Getty Images

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