There’s a new hype regarding the 5G technology but is it worth it? Let’s find out!

5G is the next generation of wireless network technology and it’s now talk of the town. A variety of carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T are promoting their new 5G networks and along with these, there are also a variety of new smartphones enabled to operate with 5G technology. Tech is changing but should we? Well there’s only one way to find out.

Nowadays, People rely on social networks to check the feedback of specific products before purchasing anything. Marques Brownlee also recognized as MKBHD is one of the most popular tech reviewers on the biggest online video streaming platform i.e. YouTube with more than 9.2 million subscribers. Marques is popular and for a good reason for sure. His videos are always straight forward and extremely relevant to the topics and he can easily convince you to either buy a new technology or not.

Well, you can see his devotion to provide detailed analysis on tech by his recent video in which he visits a city to test 5G for himself. The closest city to him was Providence, Rhode Island so he went there to see the hype of 5G technology was even worth buying or not. Before going on the trip, Brownlee also bought a brand-new Galaxy S10 Plus to support the 5G technology.

Detailed analysis by Brownlee

Along with other cities, Providence is also not fully covered with 5G nodes so Brownlee found an area closest to few 5G nodes where he did most of his testing. To get accurate results Brownlee stood directly under the 5G nodes. At first, he noticed a change in the coverage by 5G network on the top of his phone. Brownlee received the download speeds more than 2 gigabits per second. With the 5G network he could instantly download HD videos without any buffering, he even downloaded a complete episode of ‘Stranger Things’ within four seconds. Can you believe that?

However, it was not all good as you might think. The perks of quick internet changed when Brownlee walked away from the 5G nodes and stopped around the corner of a building. As Brownlee moved further from the 5G nodes, the download speeds were getting more slower, almost about one-sixth of the speed he was getting when he stood directly under 5G nodes.

According to Brownlee, physical barriers can put an impact on the speed of 5G networks which operate a bit different than 3G or 4G. 5G is super fast as compared to previous networks but it can’t last long distances or obstacles like trees or walls.

If you’re not in the ideal line of sight between your device and the hub then you’ll end up with weak signals and degraded speed as well. The inconsistency of network made Brownlee frustrated and chances are we all would be frustrated with it too.

Brownlee was using the latest 5G enabled phones and even standing directly under 5G nodes couldn’t give him the kind of network speed he was expecting. According to him the dream to upload 8k YouTube video within five seconds is still not possible yet.

According to Brownlee, the Battery life and temperature were also a matter of concern for his phone as throughout testing the Galaxy S10 plus was warm and four hours of testing killed about 50% of the battery life.

Bottom Line

Every city and every network will behave differently according to phone devices as well. So maybe the issues faced by Brownlee were specified to phone model or Verizon network he was using to test. Based on the experience of Brownlee the 5G network is not worth spending money in 2019. According to Brownlee, this 5G network is not ready yet but if you get the right use case and at the right space you can get a glimpse of the future that you wish was ready right now. This new 5G network is great but not ready yet.

If you’re looking for a detailed report on 5G then you should watch Brownlee’s video (featured above) which include his trip to Providence and detailed analysis on pros and cons of using 5G in the city where it’s available.

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