Facebook act rigorously against fake accounts, Governmental Authorities require to use real name to go through applicants accounts

Facebook has warned that it is illegal to make fake accounts and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also not allowed to create fake persona for any reason.

The spokesperson said to Associated Press that it is necessary for law enforcement agencies to create account with real name or the company will act against them half-heartedly.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is one of the division of DHS. Their employees used their fake accounts for surveillance and to get details of people who have applied for citizenship, immigration and green cards because the government of Trump has made it necessary for applicants to lust all of their social media accounts to check and screen visa.

According to the spokesperson of USCIS statement published by AP, it is important for employers to view the profiles of applicants in order to keep the country safe from people who could exploit America or abuse it.

Thus, due to changes in policy of DHS and Trump’s government which faced criticism, employees are faced to create fake accounts.

In recent years, Facebook was criticized to influence US elections in 2016 with the help of Russians. Since few months, the social media giant has deleted or acted violently against accounts which seemed to be connected with the government of China and influencing Hong Kong protests.

There are same rules at Instagram and Twitter regarding fake accounts.

Photo: Arkadiusz Warguła via Getty Images

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