Amazon copied shoe design, and nobody seems to bat an eye on it

Silicon Valley has a long history of copying stuff, be it Xerox PARC raiding by Steve Jobs, the design dispute between Apple and Samsung or Facebook’s attempt to beat Snapchat by giving fierce competition through Instagram.

First, Facebook cloned the most prominent feature of it’s one of the biggest competitors, and now Amazon is following its footsteps.

A long time ago, Allbirds – a Bay Area-based company, became popular in Silicon Valley due to its low-maintenance and extremely comfortable shoes, which are ideal for running. Amazon has copied the design of the Hallmark product of the company.

The product chief of Tinder, Jeff Morris Jr., was the first one to highlight it. He also Tweeted about it.

Allbirds is known to make its mark in fashion adverse tech industry through its innovative designs. They made decent shoes which were packed in inoffensive design and sold it.

Many of the companies have already stolen their designs and sold them at comparatively cheaper rates. Allbirds once even tried to defend itself and that case, a lawsuit was settled over the trademark infringement.

Amazon launched its label, 206 Collection, through which it has sold numerous products of various categories. Now, it copied the Allbird design and made the situation worse for itself. The regulatory authorities are already investigating because allegedly, Amazon bought sales data from third-party sellers and used it to sell its product.

The shoes by Amazon are not only beautiful but also are almost half the price of what Allbirds offers. The reviews of the product are even more convincing. Customers are given a free product for testing and then asked to write reviews about it without disclosing that they have been asked to write about it.

Almost all the reviews on the Amazon product are in favor of it, praising the brand, except only one comment.

Shoes might be comfortable and affordable, but the work is copied, and nobody might even pay attention to it. These things are now being normalized to some extent, which only in return takes away the credit from the deserving one. Companies in Silicon Valley must realize and act responsibly towards it.

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