Twitter Acquires Lightwell as Part of Comeback Strategy

There was a time when the word social media was synonymous with Twitter, but in recent times the social network has fallen from grace in a way and this has led to quite a few problems occurring for the company. However, over the course of the past few months Twitter has been hard at work trying to make a comeback, part of which is its new and currently invite only app Twttr that’s been criticized for its poor user interface although its visual elements have been given some praise.

Part of Twitter’s comeback strategy has been to try and acquire as many different companies as possible, all of which would contribute towards Twitter being able to return to form in a way. One of the most recent acquisitions that everyone has been talking about has been Twitter’s acquisition of the app creation engine known as Lightwell. This is being done in an attempt to improve conversations and create further apps that would be crucial in building connections on the social media platform that are going to end up playing important roles in helping Twitter come back into the main arena where tech giants are battling for supremacy.

The acquisition is creating quite a few changes for Lightwell. Whereas their app building platform was previously only available on a subscription basis, now it will be available for free for everyone to use. This is probably being done so that Twitter can allow its users to take advantage of this new acquisition without having to pay any extra money, since the micro-blogging platform does make a name for itself as a free service.

Whether or not this new acquisition will help Twitter get to where it needs to go remains to be seen, and only time will tell whether this was a good move for Twitter or not.

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