Twitter provides a new flexible option for advertisers with its 6-second viewable ad policy

Twitter is a platform known for its freedom towards users. It always focuses to provide unique features to users.

Twitter always tries various new policies just to make its platform a very safe place for all categories of users from all over the world.

This platform also helps various advertisers to engage in a variety of audience from all over the world, but sometimes advertisers find it annoying that they pay for advertisements but never get any leads from it. This is one of the major issues faced by advertisers to pay for services which sometimes don’t even offer the kind of response they want.

Twitter introduces new ad bids for advertisers

To ease advertisers from the problem of spending too much money on advertisements but not getting enough leads, Twitter introduces a new policy. Now any brand that wants to advertise will only be charged for advertisements only if their video ad is viewed for at least six seconds.

Advertisers use a variety of strategies to create unique ads but sometimes it’s just not enough. Therefore, Twitter is rolling out a new video bidding option. This bidding option will enable advertisers to easily run 15-seconds or fewer video ads but the advertisers will only be charged in case the ad is viewed for at least six seconds with pixels at 50% in-view.

According to Twitter, this is a new Flexible option for advertisers who care about the viewers who view their ads. So, this new bidding option is helpful for advertisers who are looking to engage more leads into the mobile-first paradigm and to generate an optimized in-feed viewing through its short-videos.

How is this new option any good?

This new bidding ad option helps brands who are more focused to get views rather than leads. The new six-second video ad bidding option select’s a page from the 6-second bumper ads of YouTube and offers brands the flexibility to run it longer.

According to the source, if you use a six-second video ad and combine it with creativity and uniqueness the chances of view rate will be increased by 22%.

Short-videos with no sounds but the clear perspective of the brands deliver it better to viewers on the mobile styled format as compared to TV-styled videos.

If you look at this option from the brand’s perspective, it is a good step towards the goal to reach more views on the ads.

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