Researchers give Facebook a deadline or else they’ll quit

The team of Facebook always tries to improve its user experience based on the feedback and reviews by its users. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms which millions of users engaged on a daily basis from all around the world. In the Era of technology and social media platforms, users trust platforms with a better user experience more as compared to other platforms. A variety of companies focus on providing unique services and products to its users to make it stand out in the market of competitors. The team of Facebook always attempts on providing new policies and features to help improve the user experience more as compared in the past.

Researchers studying Facebook’s impact threaten to quit

The team of Facebook always tries to hire new employees and a variety of researcher to help understand the users more. Majority of the people rely on Facebook for a variety of tasks like checking out daily clothing trends or the daily news. So the team of Facebook recently hired a group of researchers to work and to analyze the impact of Facebook on democracy.

According to Buzzfeednew, the group of researchers hired by Facebook threatened to quit the research on the impact on democracy stating that Facebook failed to make the amount of data available for researchers as they required.

To research on anything, a person needs detailed insight on the topic and data gathered from various sources. No person likes to work for a firm when they can’t even get the required amount of data needed to research.

According to the report, Facebook granted access to 83 specified scholars for the desired project and only provided a portion of data as compared to the amount it promised. This limitation in the data made it impossible for researchers to analyze any data and that is why they gave Facebook a deadline of September 30th to provide detailed data or else the researchers will quit the project.

Facebook only shared a specific amount of data whereas researchers require the data of its web pages as far back as January 2017.

Response from Facebook regarding the issue

There is still no official announcement from Facebook regarding when the data will be made available to the researchers but Facebook recently stated that it is committed to the project and will surely cooperate with researchers to provide access to all type of data and tooling to the researchers whenever needed.

The release of this threatening situation among Facebook and researchers comes exactly a few months after Facebook officially launched its research program which opened its access of data to independent scholars for the first time in history.

If you take a look at it, data access can be a tricky step so it needs to be heavily monitored with special precautions to avoid any violation of user privacy.

Bottom Line

The team of Facebook always tries to engage more audience based on the feedback from the surrounding. This research on the impact of this social media on democracy was a similar step to know about the audience. The scholarly research of social media impact is a technique used by Facebook to understand elections and democracy from around the world and to look for new ways to engage an audience based on that. We hope that Facebook finds a way to provide access to data to scholars without violating any user’s protected data because Facebook was always seen surrounded by scandals of user privacy violations in the past years and we hope Facebook doesn’t repeat the same mistake.

Photo: AP

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