Is Instagram Planning to Work with Meme Accounts after last month's Banning Spree?

Through memes, people have been able to connect with each other. Users can tag their friends in the comments section of a meme or even spark a conversation with a complete stranger. Memes, over the years, have given users a chance to forget about the ongoing hassles in life for a short amount of time and just laugh and let others join them.

Thus, when Instagram suspended a number of meme accounts last month, citing violation of its terms of service as the reason, users didn’t take this move in a positive manner. Several meme accounts, some with even massive following, were banished from the media-sharing platform all of a sudden. Now however, it seems like Instagram plans on solidifying its relationship with meme accounts.

Last week, Facebook (Instagram's parent company) posted a job description for a strategic partner manager who will be assigned the duty of working with “emerging digital media publishers.”

In other words, the strategic partner manager will come up with creative ideas that will be implemented with the help of up-and-coming digital media publishers including meme accounts. Additionally, the relationship with publishers will also be improved so they can find success on the Facebook-owned social network.

As mentioned above, Instagram’s removal of meme accounts last month as well as in December of last year landed the Social Media app in trouble with its users, who immediately started petitioning to have Instagram lift the ban. Here’s hoping that Instagram’s latest approach of working with meme accounts turns out to be beneficial for everyone involved.

Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

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