Google Slide new feature will make your presentation look more unique than ever

Whether you’re fresh student in high school or a person interviewing for a job, presentation plays a very vital role in every filed. Usually, people take presentation for granted and focus on preparing on how to deliver it instead of the content itself.

A good unique slide can engage the audience to listen and to watch it attentively and if your presentation lacks uniqueness and creativity it will be nothing but just reading of content from the screen.

In the world where everything is relying on digital technologies, Google is one of the largest platforms that offer a variety of services according to the demand of the users. The team behind Google attempts to provide unique products to make the company stand out in the market of competitors and also to bring more ease in the life of its users.

Slide is great office tool introduced by Google to bring comfort for a variety of users ranging from students to professional CEOs. Google Slides was just another attempt by the tech giant to bring comfort for the users who were looking for a platform to create unique slides for their presentations.

Google Slides adds a new feature

On Tuesday, G Suite team announced that it is adding new features to present various modes in Google Slides. New options of looping time and shortcuts for a blank screen are all meant to help users to control and customize slides during a live presentation.

When in Present mode, click on the Settings gear icon in the gray presentation navigation bar to access the new Auto-advance menu. In the Auto-advance menu, you’ll notice a variety of Time increments ranging from 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds or every minute. When you select the specified Time increment, you set the slides to continuously loop.

These new Auto-advance settings are enabled when the user clicks on the play button and starts the presentation. The loop option in Google Slide is designed to specifically help during conferences to display information on a kiosk and other background screens as well.

In the new feature, Google Slides will be adding some new keyboard shortcuts for users to quickly switch the presentation content screen to blank screens during a live presentation. When a user presses “B” keyboard button it will display a black screen instead of the content on the Slide and if the user presses “W” button it will display a stark white background. To resume the screen back to the content, the user needs to only tap on any keyboard key or move the cursor.

These new keyboard shortcuts will be quite helpful for users during a live presentation, this can enable users to quickly change to black or all white screen while addressing.

These new Looping and Auto-advance features of Google Slides are launching today and will be available widely on the platform in the coming weeks or months.

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