Apple apologizes to users for Spying through Siri

Apple is one of the largest tech behemoth that offers a huge variety of services and products to help users in their daily routines. Now users rely more on digital devices and apps as compared to the past. Nowadays, People are becoming more dependent on their digital devices and tech companies use this as their advantage to introduce various new products to make users rely more on the devices as compared to others.

Although people feel more relaxed knowing that their smart devices will do the tasks instead of them but what makes any user worry is the violation of their privacy. For any company to achieve a reputation among competitors, the relationship of trust with customers play a vital role and it depends on the privacy protection it provides to its users.

Apple feels sorry for invading our privacy

Siri was one of the revolutionary products launched by Apple to make it easy for users to do a variety of tasks just by speaking with a digital assistant instead of typing it themselves.

Recently Apple became a talk of the town due to the leak of its working with third-parties to listen to Siri recordings to improve its working.

We always knew Apple as a pioneer that cared for its user privacy and the revelation of such information made its users heartbroken. Apple now officially posted its apology to its users and also regarding some new privacy improvements to Siri as well. Apple apologized for not living up to the expectations of its users and along with Apology it also released its new privacy changes to virtual assistant Siri so that it won’t spy on users again.

New improvements in Siri

According to Apple, Siri will no longer user recordings of users to improve its ability to detect real-time conversations. To improve the workings of Siri, Apple will now use computerized transcripts instead of the real one which made users relieved about their privacy concerns.

Apple also enables users with an option to allow Siri to keep their recordings willingly or opt-out if they don’t feel like sharing their conversations with Apple anymore. This means that Apple will no longer keep any record of the conversations until the user authorizes it. This time Apple will not be working with any third-party contractors to listen to recording if the user allows access to its recordings only Apple employees will listen to it.

Will Siri secure our privacy?

According to Apple, Siri was developed in a way to secure user privacy as well. Despite the fact that Siri can also record the user’s conversation, Apple still doesn’t use Siri as a marketing tool to trade with anyone at all.

Siri monitors a specific portion of data to make sure it improves its efficiency to detect various languages and accents. It just attempts to improve its workings without the need to send the data to Siri servers at all. Siri uses a random identifier in the form of a string of letters and numbers to organize the user data and doesn’t access User Apple ID or phone number to maintain user privacy. For more security purpose, Siri also unlinks the device of the user from the identifier.

Bottom Line

There are so many tech companies using similar strategies to improve its workings but not all come out and accept its wrongdoing. So we need to appreciate Apple for accepting the fault and attempting to set things right. With this Apology, it’s safe to say that Apple will solely work as a privacy-focused company and we really hope that Apple keeps its promise and doesn’t spy on us again.

Photo: Richard Drew/AP

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