YouTube rejects all the allegations regarding its policy on ‘instructional’ hacking videos

YouTube is one of the largest growing social media platforms, we often find difficulties in so different tasks and YouTube is always there to guide us. People like to try something new every once in a while, to bring a change in their lives. Deep down every one like a change but they’re afraid about the reactions that change might bring out. People try to learn new things and one of the easiest and most common ways is watching videos regarding our requirements and then trying it out.

YouTube is full of videos of various topics. Different people from a variety of fields try to ease other people lives by making tutorials on different topics. From editing photographs to doing BBQ with a new recipe, YouTube has it all covered. People from all around the world upload videos to guide Internet users and other people find these videos helpful to perform all the required tasks.

YouTube Policies and Guidelines

Like all the other social networks, YouTube also created a variety of policies and guidelines for its users to help them have their own space without any consequences. The core purpose of all the policies is to not let any harm and mishap happen to the users and to help them feel more secure on world's largest video hosting platform. YouTube bans any content that puts a negative impact on its users. From uploading dangerous challenges to displaying content in which people are suffering from eating disorders, YouTube bans it all.

YouTube consequences with ethical Hacker Group

Recently, the ethical hacking group reported that their YouTube channel had received a strike for breaking one rule and that is “Instructional hacking and phishing”.

When different information security professionals came in support with the group, YouTube retracted the strike and reinstated the removed videos of that channel. YouTube claimed that the removing of the video was a mistake and rejected all the allegations about any new policy. YouTube, in a tweet, stated that their policy has always contained a ban against any videos that encourage “dangerous and illegal behavior” but there are exceptions “for videos if core purpose is educations, scientific or artistic”.

With all the consequences of channels with YouTube, a vast number of users want to ask where would we prefer our kids to learn about computer security. A site like YouTube, where security professional will guide them in the right direction with a purpose for a good job? Or from a shady place where they will not only be exposed to a crime but also be along with people who believe that what they are doing is both legal and ethical?

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