Uber Introduces New “Comfort” Category for Extra Legroom and Ideal Temperature in Advance

Uber has introduced a lot of different car categories that would help you decide whether you want a slightly cheaper ride or you would want the luxury of the coveted Uber Black category. However, it seems like the ride hailing service is going to introduce a new category, one that sits firmly in between those of regular Uber rides and Uber Black rides. This new category is going to be called Uber Comfort and it does provide a few additional comforts that you might find to be worth the extra money that you are going to be paying.

Uber Comfort has been introduced in 40 locations all across America and will comprise of three main benefits. The first of these benefits is a bit of extra leg room since all cars in this category will be slightly larger than your average Uber car, and they will also be newer since cars need to be less than five years old in order to be eligible for this category.

You get a few more privileges with Uber Comfort as well. On an especially hot day you will be able to request your Uber driver to turn the AC up before they pick you up. You also have the option of a quiet mode, which will basically inform the Uber driver that you don’t want to have a conversation with them while you are getting around. This will be useful for women that don’t want to have a potentially threatening conversation with a man or people that are hard of hearing, but there is a potentially classist side to this option that is creating a bit of controversy although its pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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