Social media outage makes us doubt our network and phones: Here's how to be sure about the working status of your favorite apps

The era we live in has a lot of social platforms for all types of people. Different people have a different type of requirements and the core focus of all the companies is to provide a user-friendly platform for all its users. Different social media apps try to ease its users and try to always provide some new service to attract more people from all over the world.

From Stone Age to the age of social apps

We evolved a lot over the past years, the technology changed. Different companies provide new and unique products to attract more people towards their platforms. Sometimes we feel the pressure of society compromising our inner self and to breathe out freely we use social networks. Different people use social apps for a variety of purposes from using it to earn money to utilizing this app to make new friends from all over the world. With these apps we get to know about the daily routines of the people we love. We use different social apps as a getaway platform to forget about our daily life struggles just for few seconds. Just for a moment to focus on the people around us rather than creating a life according to society.

Social App outages

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen so many outages of different social media sites. The moment these social apps fail to operate we feel like we are back to the Stone Age without any entertainment and up-to-date information in our devices. We pretty much feel as if our phones are no longer needed if the apps stop working.

How to make sure about the status of different social app

We face a lot of outages on the internet but we are always confused whether the issue is with our phones or with the network providers or the site is actually down. There are various ways to make sure about the status of your favorite social media apps.

For Facebook, you need to go to its Developer Dashboard. Here you can check the platform status and the issues of Facebook and be sure about its status.

how to be sure about the working status of Facebook, Twitter, Google, apps

For Twitter, they have a developer status board for its APIs.

Other websites to check the outage status of social apps

Usually, it is difficult to understand the information on the boards of the official social media apps so that’s where you need to visit other websites like Downdetector (the weatherman for the digital world that lists plethora of services, including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Netflix, etc.) and Outage Report.

If you visit these sites to check the working status of your apps, the major social networking sites are already listed as icons on the home page. If you are still unable to find your desired website, you can also search it. Once you click on your specific site that you want to check, down detector will show a dashboard with the current status of the app and along with that will display the number of outage reports of the app from users.

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